Lindsey’s Success Closet

154562122f4179b665b12d102a917f3dDo you have business clothing you can no longer wear that is taking up closet space?……Consider donating to the new program here at Cheboygan County United Way…..Lindsey’s Success Closet. We are partnering with Michigan Works to fill a gap here. Finding a job is hard enough, not having the right look makes it even harder.

This program is funded by donation of clothing, and money from the Tax Check Off program. Women & men will be referred to Lindsey’s Success Closet when they have an interview set. Volunteers will then help pick out the appropriate outfit that is theirs to keep. Once a job is secured the employer can then make a referral so additional garments can be chosen.

Lindsey’s Success Closet will be staffed by volunteers and open by appointment only. Referral is needed. Donations are now being accepted, please call the United Way at 231-627-2288 or 231-627-2062 for any questions.